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The Alumni Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about Alumni and also to let Alumni communicate with each other.

The following are general announcements forwarded by our Alumni for your reading pleasure.

Updated April 2001

Martin Van Buren H.S. has announced that they will link us to their official website which is currently under construction. Also our list of Alumni contacting us is growing daily.

On January 22, 2001 Reunions Committee members celebrated as the venue for our Reunion was finalized!

Many of you are now receiving or have already received contact letters from Reunions Unlimited, the agency handling the venue and collecting the fees for us. If you have not received a contact letter in the mail from them, let us know immediately so we can include you.
Also help out the search for fellow Alumni by filling out the letter with information on other Alumni you are still in contact with.

Debi Beskin Dunaway is receiving your mailing addresses at a record pace. She is forwarding this information onto Reunions Unlimited which in turn is mailing the official invites and collecting the fees. You can check the Alumni list on this website to find out who is interested in attending or just wants to be listed in the directory to keep in touch.

The Year in Review

Alumni Search Committee members were very busy searching for you. They thank you for your inputs.
Also a new website was developed for the upcoming 25th Reunion and can be found at
The webmaster thanks all of those that contributed to the success of the website.

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Classified Ads

If you want to promote your business, or perhaps have some items to donate or sell, please contact us so we can place the information here.

Contact us with your URLs from your websites so other Alumni can link to them and learn about you.

Ken Shiffmann of Dallas, Texas has supplied his website URL;