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Plans For a Full Weekend

It has been requested by several Alumni that the five hours we will spend together at our formal get together on the 9th may not be enough to get reaquainted with our fellow Alumni. Also several of us will be arriving from out of town for the weekend and want to participate in more Alumni events. So we are now in the stages of planning additional events for the Reunion Weekend.

Any other suggestions for extra weekend events would be appreciated.

We are planning to meet in the evening in a large restaurant/bar that is casual and on the waterfront. The place will be the Coyote Grill in Island Park, Long Island. It is located at 104 Waterview Road in Island Park with zip code of 11558 to make it easy for you to use the Internet for directions. It is 15 miles from Martin Van Buren High School. You can also call for directions and for further information at 516-889-8009. Here is a descriptive link about the place;
Coyote Grill was highly recommended by the well known waterfront couple of Diane and Chuck Ulrich now residing in Bayshore. 
We do expect a good turnout and there are other places closeby to keep the night young. Debi Beskin Dunaway plans on being at the Coyote Grill early between 6:00 and 6:30 P.M. or so to greet everyone. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to bring those that cannot attend the Reunion such as your spouses, significant others and friends that you may not have seen in a while. This is a night out for everyone!

Plan to meet in Alley Pond Park. Bring your spouses, children, relatives, friends and neighbors. We will all hang out like the old days. Bring whatever you like. If you have a small grill and some food, bring it and we can have a cookout. Alcohol is no longer permitted in the park but bring some anyway along with other beverages. Alley Pond Park has changed quite a bit since the last time you have visited it. Upper Alley Pond now consists of a large football field where the parking lot used to be. The park has been improved quite a bit. The part of Alley Pond Park that has the most parking and may be the easiest to meet will be the the section off of Springfield Boulevard and 73rd Avenue. Most of us are not familiar with this part of Alley Pond but we will meet there and then move onto other sections. We will make sure that everyone that comes to Alley Pond gets located by our search team. We will be checking every 15 minutes for everyone. Sundays are busy days in the Park for alot of Asian and Russian groups. We will find our own section close to the parking lot or move onto the Upper section. Bring your footballs, frisbees and other flying games. Please try to show up between noon and 2 P.M. We will start at noon.

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