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Martin Van Buren Class of 1976 Reunion
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About The Reunion
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Reunion Committees

We have formed Reunion Commitees to help with the overall planning of events, searching for Alumni and general organization.

Reunion Contact

Debi Beskin is the main Reunion Contact and she can be contacted by E-mail at She would appreciate having your home mailing address for Reunion correspondence also.

Reunion Commitee Members

Reunion Committee Coordinator - Debi Beskin

Reunion Planning Commitee - Debi Beskin and Ken Shiffmann

Reunion Alumni Search Commitee - Diane Tsavdar, Beverly Rapp Adelstein and Debi Beskin

Senior Advisory Committee - Hal Davis

Debi Beskin - 25th Reunion Commitee Coordinator

Debi Beskin is the 25th Reunion Committee Coordinator