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Journey Down Memory Lane

Have any of you had an experience that reminded you of your High School days and times? Please forward and share those experiences with us on this website. Below is a recent experience I had down Memory Lane.

It was St. Patrick's Day evening March 17th as I was returning home from a long day of celebration here in Dallas Texas. The main street for the festivities that day was still crowded with party goers and the traffic was moving slowly. As I was stopped in traffic I started to read the upcoming list of performers that would be playing at a small ,old night club in Dallas named Poor David's Pub. The sign read Jorma Kaukonen - March 18th. I first thought what!!!How can that be!!! I missed that show, no wait that show is tonight Sunday night! Jorma Kaukonen influenced many of us in MVB with his band Hot Tuna. It was more than a cult following as the band produced three hot selling albums while we attended High School. Martin Van Buren had an excellent music department and many of us took advantage of it. We did have Sings and several other performances during the school years. Studying and playing music in High School was an achievement that many of us are passing on to our children. The band Hot Tuna was unique and many of us would go to see their sold out shows. Remember the closing night of the Academy of Music? Hot Tuna played the early show from 8 - 11:30 P.M. and the late show from Midnight to 6:00 A.M. and then we all went to classes the next day!
I attended this March 18th show of Jorma Kaukonen and sat several feet from him as he and his fellow guitarist played the old hits. This was a true trip down Memory lane since I used to play these same songs as I learned to play the guitar in MVB. Jorma Kaukonen is now 60 years old, looks almost the same. Most of the people in this audience were students of his from his Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp located in Pomeroy, Ohio. These young guitarists gathered around me during the intermission to hear my Hot Tuna stories from 25 years ago. If interested in this you can visit his guitar camp's website at Who knows, you may even sign up for a guitar weekend with Jack Casady included!

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