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Martin Van Buren Class of 1976 Reunion
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How did we get to Martin Van Buren? Bus, walked, drove or bicycled? Did you have the five cent bus pass? How many of us ate in the cafeteria? Were you athletic? Or perhaps you skipped Gym classes? Where did you meet your friends outside of the building? Where are those old friends of yours now? Who were these friends, where are they? Perhaps they will come to the 25th Reunion? We have made it easy to find out by checking the Alumni Contact list page.

The early 70's was a time that most of us will never forget.

Remember wearing bell bottom pants and earth shoes and trying to solve Rubik's Cube? Did you know that your family may have earned less than $10,000/yr? Who were the Presidents while we attended MVB? Why did Nixon leave office? How many of us went to see The Who, Led Zeppelin, ALice Cooper and others at Madison Square Garden?

Where have the last 25 years gone to?

We have experienced many changing things in the last 25 years.

What do you plan for your futures for the next 25 years?

Most of us are almost ready to send, or have already sent our children to High School.

Links To The Past 25 Years

We will start to publish links to sites that may interest you when you reflect on your past.

Contact us via the Alumni Bulletin Board to tell us about what you remembered most about your last 25 years. If you had gone to a High School other than MVB, how would your last 25 years been affected?